connected city coming soon

ConnectedCity™ improves the efficiency of local markets by connecting and streamlining communications between local market participants to drive local spending. ConnectedCity™ will empower local markets with the ability to compete more effectively with centralized online marketplaces.

connected landloard

ConnectedLandlord™ is a mobile-friendly online application that helps landlords and property managers manage the process of marketing distribution, screening, contracting, collecting rent and communicating with tenants in the digital age.

canada rental guide

Canada Rental Guide is an online rental housing marketplace that provides landlords, property managers and tenants with a mobile-friendly resource for promoting and finding local rental housing opportunities quickly and easily.

about us

Transcona Media Network Inc is a digital media company focused on delivering ConnectedCity™ as a revolutionary social marketplace platform for everything local to provide businesses and shoppers with a more efficient and cost-effective local promotion and shopping solution. Through ConnectedCity™ and its family of media and workflow management applications, including ConnectedLandlord™ and Canada Rental Guide, Transcona’s mission is to drive higher local spending to achieve its vision of more sustainable local communities.


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If you represent a local business, trade association or municipality and want to learn more about Transcona Media Network, ConnectedCity™, ConnectedLandlord™ and Canada Rental Guide and how they can help you, please contact us:

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